If you aim to expand and master your betting skills in the 1×2 market, you are in the right place and time. In the following paragraphs, you will find useful information about the key factors that influence the 1×2 market as well as the advanced betting strategies and systems you can use to maximize your profits in the long-term.


1×2 is a straightforward betting market due to its three-outcome nature (1 – home win, X – draw, 2 – away win). It is one of the most common betting markets available on all major bookmakers and betting platforms.
For more information follow our guide on what 1×2 means in football betting.

However, being familiar with the essence of the 1×2 market is not sufficient to record regular profit in the long term. You should be familiar with the key factors that impact the 1×2 market and most importantly the proper implementation of different strategies for managing your stakes and finances. 1×2 market has its specific features and therefore it is essential to put into action the exact strategies that will bring you inevitable revenues.

Understanding Key Influencing Factors

Among the many factors that can impact the outcome in the 1×2 football betting market, there are several which influence should be evaluated to a higher extent.

Host Factor and Home Advantage

As you already know there are three possible outcomes in the 1×2 market – 1 (home win), x (draw), and 2 (away win). However, draws (x) are usually avoided as bettors seek home (1) and away wins (2) predominantly. We should emphasize the fact that playing on home soil always gives you an additional boost and premises for positive outcomes. Of course, strong teams play equally well either at home or away. Home advantage is a particularly influencing factor when two competitive teams face each other. For instance, home advantage is crucial in the English Championship, English League One, English League Two, etc. For example, let’s say the 13th-place Norwich hosts the 5th-place Middlesbrough. Norwich will usually get odds for a home win of around 1.90-2.20 despite the difference of 8th place between both teams.

Tournament and Competition Features and Stages

As we mentioned earlier, draws are usually avoided but you are awarded with juicy odds there. In general, draws could be searched in different knock-out stages in the Champions League, Europe League, World Cup, and Euro Cup. Especially draws at half-time. Teams usually adopt a more cautious and defensive approach in knock-out encounters. Some of the games are not entertaining and pleasing to watch and there is a place for the draws to come. You should be cautious when one of the teams is considered a strong favorite for continuing up in the next stage of the tournament. You can search for a straight win instead in such scenarios.

Team Dynamics and Psychological Factors

It is quite hard to determine how these factors influence the 1×2 outcomes in games from lesser-known leagues. It is applicable for teams and leagues from the top 5 (English Premier League, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, French League 1, Spanish La Liga) where an abundance of information and news is available to be further evaluated. You can easily find such information for the domestic league of the country where you come from. It is important to properly evaluate teams that are in poor current form and teams that have negative tensions and quarrels between the manager and players and vice versa. It would be better to avoid betting for such teams. Such internal factors should be always taken into consideration before placing your 1×2 bet. Team dynamics and mentality can impact the final 1×2 outcome and one should be fully informed before considering the stakes.

Unavailable Player May Impact the Game

Suspensions of key players or long-term injuries may impact the outcome of the 1×2 market. If a particular team suffers from too many absentees, then you would better reconsider your decision to back them. Especially if the odds are quite lucrative, then this could be a trap made by the bookmakers to lure you. Quite the opposite, if you have information about the team you are betting against that there are some suspensions of key players or injuries occurred just before the kick-off, then place your bet firmly and on time without hesitation.

Implementing Advanced Betting Strategies

In the following paragraphs, you will find essential information about the usage of some advanced betting strategies for managing your betting budget like Fibonacci and Martingale as well as more common ones like flat stakes and home win strategies.

Flat Stakes Strategy

Flat Stakes is a simple and easy-to-understand strategy that consists of only 1 essential rule. You should set an initial amount of your stake that will remain permanent no matter the losses. It is a relatively safe strategy as you do not have to double or triple your stake after a loss. Of course, this is a quite different approach compared to Fibonacci and Martingale systems as you have to own consistency in your winning bets. Long-losing streaks are strongly avoided as the coverage of your lost stakes is hard to perform. Here is how the strategy works:
initial bet – 10 EUR;
in case of a loss – you bet 10 EUR;
in case of another loss – you bet 10 EUR;
in case of a third consecutive loss – you bet again 10 EUR and so on…;
if you win, you bet with your initial stake of 10 EUR.

Home Wins Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, draws (X) are usually avoided when bettors pick their possible 1×2 outcome. The vast majority of football betting enthusiasts of 1×2 prefer placing their bets on a home win (1). It is a simple and working strategy to use, all you have to do is to find teams showing consistency when playing on home soil. It is not an impossible task as you have all the necessary stats at your disposal. Search for teams that usually get victories against 10-20th placed teams. Many teams excel when playing at home and quite the opposite – they play poorly away from their stadium and supporting fans.

Betting Systems

Fibonacci – it is a considerably aggressive betting strategy as you have to manage the amount of your stakes by its rules. Fibonacci is characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… So, in betting terms the system works the following way – you have to increase each of your bets after a loss following the numbers pattern. Let’s see how the system works with an initial stake of 10 EUR:
initial bet – 10 EUR;
in case of a loss – you bet 20 EUR;
in case of another loss – you bet 30 EUR;
in case of a third consecutive loss – you bet 50 EUR and so on…;
if you win, you bet with your initial stake of 10 EUR.

Fibonacci betting strategy can be freely used for 1×2 as you have to manage the amount of stakes you make when you suffer losses by the numbers pattern of the system. Fibonacci’s strategy has some drawbacks as well. You have to start with a solid betting budget in case you suffer consecutive losses.

Martingale is the most common and well-regarded betting strategy. It is rather aggressive but the cover of your loss could be performed with one single bet. Martingale works in a very simple way – all you have to do is to double your previous stake in case of a loss. If you record a win, keep the initial stake the same. Let’s see how the system works with an initial stake of 10 EUR.
initial bet – 10 EUR;
in case of a loss – you bet 20 EUR;
in case of another loss – you bet 40 EUR;
in case of a third consecutive loss – you bet 80 EUR and so on…;
if you win, you bet with your initial stake of 10 EUR.

The next stakes after losses will be 80 EUR, 160 EUR, 320 EUR, and so on. Martingale’s strategy could be used for 1×2 service without any hesitation. It works the best way if you own a solid betting budget at the beginning. You should be able to recover a few consecutive losses.

If you are interested in other advanced betting systems, you can have a look at our detailed article on the topic.

Expert Recommendations and Practical Tips

Considering the detailed review of some of the key factors that influence the 1×2 market as well as the proper implementation of Fibonacci and Martingale strategies, every bettor should have a more profound approach to successful betting and regular profit:
bankroll management – set aside an amount that should be used only for betting. Do not ever exceed this amount. Every initial stake should not exceed more than 10% of your overall betting budget;
expectations – high expectations at the beginning could cause you some problems and make you continue betting in lasting losing streaks. Learning to lose is part of the process of becoming a successful bettor. Some temporary bad periods are not a premise to leave the betting behind. Set achievable and reasonable goals at the beginning. Do not get disheartened and keep on mastering your 1×2 skills;
stay informed – it is essential to develop a routine of reading football and betting news daily. Staying informed and observing a couple of football teams and championships will provide you with a deeper insight and expertise and thus, improve your 1×2 performance.


Being successful in betting requires a lot of time, dedication, and a solid dose of enthusiasm. The latter applies to the 1×2 market as well. The only difference is that you should know the specific features of the market and all the major factors that could influence it. The current article has emphasized those factors as well as the proper usage of advanced betting systems like Fibonacci and Martingale and some common ones like Flat Stakes and Home Win strategies. You have useful tools and knowledge at your disposal; the rest is up to you. Meanwhile, stay informed, read football betting news, and keep your enthusiasm for mastering your 1×2 skills. And, of course, if you wish, you can always test our paid 1X2 football picks.