What are Bet Builders?

Perhaps you have spent some time looking baffled and confused at the bet builder section of your bookmaker. It is hard to define what the exact purpose of that tool is and whether it is useful at all. In general, bet builders offer something unique to all interested in betting – you can build your very own bet for football games including two or more different bets on different markets and categories merging into one single bet. Thus, you can take advantage of a quite higher odd and a potentially higher profit. Bet builders are different in comparison with the accumulator bets as the former offer unique and personalized predictions.


In general, you will have plenty of different markets to choose from to create your very own bet builder. The more markets you add, the higher odds you will get. Be cautious not to add too many contingencies. It may appear to be seducing but be realistic and bet on markets you know well.


The service was first introduced in 2018 by bet365. It was established as a consequence of the constant requests of the customers to create their own bets. Be aware that Bet Builder is available for pre-game markets as well as live betting. Depending on the bookie, you will have the choice to add different markets and selections to your own customized slip.


But are the accumulator bets and bet builders the same after all? In fact, both types of bets differ significantly from one another. In bet builders, some of the markets included in your bet slip influence the final outcome of the rest of the markets. For instance, if you bet on the game Chelsea – Manchester City, win or draw for Chelsea and Under 3.5 Goals in the game. The final outcome will not matter if the result at half-time is 2:2. For an accumulator bet, you would not be able to have these markets in the same bet as a result.

How do Bet Builders work in football betting?

Perhaps most of you have ever wondered how it actually works. You need something like a guide or instructions but do not worry we did the job for you. In the following paragraph, you will find out how bet builders work.

In brief, this tool provides you with the chance to place a bet on any football event you desire. You can choose from a variety of bets and markets and then add them to your slip to make your very own bet. Though, there is a restricted number of selections and markets at your disposal. Some bookmakers limit it up to 6 picks, some bookies allow you to select 12 different picks. Ultimately, your choice would be between 6 and 12 picks. For example, you can bet on some of the following selections:


  • match result;
  • total goals in the game;
  • total cards in the game;
  • total corners in the game;
  • both teams to score;
  • double chance;
  • half-time / full-time result;
  • which team will score;
  • which team will qualify (if the game is a knock-out);
  • and many more.

How to place a Bet Builder bet?

The principles of all builders are approximately identical. You can meet them as “same game multi” or “create your own bet”. Whatever name you face, it relates to the very same things. How to place your bet builder tip? Follow the easy steps below:


  • choose your bookmaker;
  • choose your match;
  • choose bet builder section and start building;
  • select your markets and place your picks;
  • your bet builder bet is ready.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Can you Combine Bet Builder Bets?

At the beginning It was impossible to combine two bet builder bets into an accumulator. Bookmakers wanted to guarantee themselves additional protection against huge losses and had taken this restriction as a precaution. However, the market had not thrived as it had been expected and the bookies took measures to make it more attractive for the customers. It has been a while since one can combine 2 or more bet builders into one accumulator but that decision has turned out to be extremely successful. More and more bettors are drawing their attention to that section of a particular football game. Creating your own accumulator based on 2 or more bet builder bets significantly increases your chances for profit but be aware not to include too many bets from different markets. Seeking huge odds is not always the best strategy for sustainable success. Instead, restrict your choice to up to 2 bet builders with no more than 2 different selections on each. For your information, in bet365 you have the option to combine up to 4 customized bets in one accumulator.

Example of Bet Builder Built Only From Bet Builder Bets:

Example of Bet Builder Built Both From Bet Builder Bets And Standard Picks:

When your Bet Builder is a Win?

There are several factors you should take into account before considering your stake a winning one. There are some tiny peculiarities you should be quite aware of as the duration of the game, extra-time added, cash-out options, abandonment of a certain game.


What Happens if Player doesn’t Play in Bet Builder?

If a player in the bet does not take any part in the match, then the whole bet will be made void, regardless of the rest of the selections within the bet. This rule refers to any player-related markets involving goals, cards, passes, etc.

If all the selections within the bet are valid (all players involved within the bet take part within the match), any losing selection within the bet will deem the entire bet a losing bet.


Are Bet Builders 90 Minutes only?

BetBuilder bets placed on soccer apply to 90 minutes plus injury time, unless it is explicitly stated that the bet applies to Extra-time and/or Penalties. For all bets containing such wording, the remaining selections in the bet will be settled on the match (90 minutes plus injury time) result, unless stated otherwise. Match officials determine whether the full 90 minutes and injury time is to be played or has been played, all bets are active unless the match is deemed as abandoned.


Can you Cash-out your Bet Builder Bets?

The simple answer to this question is yes. However, for the bookmakers to offer a cash-out, all of the selections in your bet must still have the chance of winning or the market must still be open.

For example: if you bet on a goal scorer and during the game that market closes, you will not be able to get a cash-out bet.

This is just something you need to take into consideration because to get a cash-out, you must be aware that the markets you have bet on must be open throughout the full game. This, the majority of the time is hard, so don’t be surprised if you’re not always offered a cash-out option.


What if an Event is Abandoned?

If an event is abandoned, any selections where the outcome has already been decided e.g. half-time result or first team to score will stand. All other selections will be made void regardless of the score-line at the time of abandonment. Abandoned matches will be deemed to be matches that do not reach their natural conclusion by midnight local time. Matches where a referee removes the players from the field of play for a temporary period, but the remaining minutes of play take place by midnight local time on that same day, will not be deemed as abandoned.

If an event is postponed before the kick-off and subsequently rescheduled to be played less than 48 hours from the original kick-off, all bets will stay active and will be settled upon the result of the rescheduled event. If an event is postponed before the kick-off and subsequently rescheduled to be played more than 48 hours from the original kick-off, all bets will be voided.

Top Bookmakers Offering Bet Builder Option

In general, betting sites offer different selection of services. Fortunately for all bettors, more and more are including bet builder options on football games and other sports as well. You can take advantage of their sign up bonus or just check which one offers the best bet builder selections and conditions. Our team decided to to limit our list up to the top 5 bookies currently offering the selection with best possible conditions:


  • Bet365 – it is one of the very first bookies to establish bet builder service. You have the option to add up to 12 selections. Terms and conditions are strictly observed. There is one significant disadvantage, though. You are unavailable to cash out. Anyway, this is compensated by the 100-pound-sign-up bonus you get;
  • William Hill – the adding of different selections is fairly simple. You can bet on a wide variety of sports. Odds given at William Hill are pretty appealing. Bettors using the bookie mostly pick selections such as first goal scorer, correct score, corners, cards and goals. However, we should mention one fault – only pre-match markets are included;
  • Betfred – only single bets are possible for cash-out. There is a current limit of 5000 pounds for bet builder bets. It is ok for the majority of bettors but it could be obstacle for big stakers. Popular markets at Betfred include total goals, bookings, goal scorers, a penalty to be awarded and number of corners;
  • QuinnBet – bet builder feature is only available on football matches. QuinnBet has clearly put a great deal of thought into their feature. It is quick and easy to use, whether on desktop or mobile;
  • Ladbrokes – you have the option to customize our bets. The feature is only available on football games. Conditions are in favor of the bettors as well. For instance, if any of your selection does not turn into a win, your bet will be voided and your stake refunded.

When to Use Bet Builders

The service is best used when you have insight for a particular team. Bet Builder allows you to use your knowledge, skills and insights at a higher extent compared to single bets. Moreover, you can get much higher odds backing the strong favorites in a particular game.

For example, let’s have a look at Atletico Madrid – Getafe game. The odds for win for the hosts are estimated at 1.40. The odds are not very tempting staying this way. But considering the defensive approaches applied by both teams and the small chances for Atletico to concede a goal, we can add Under 3.5 Goals to the same betslip. Thus, we will get odds of around 1.70-1.80. You can add “Both Teams to Score – NO” and perhaps some cards in the game and you will get really huge odds on your betslip. If you want to hit the jackpot, select a forward in a really good form to score a goal in the match.

How are the Odds Calculated?

The calculations of odds in accumulators bets and bet builders bets work in an entirely different way. In the former you just have to multiply the odds of each selection – 1.5 X 1.5 X 1.5 X 1.5 = 5.06 x (your stake)

Bet builders work in a different way. You should consider the relation between all markets included in your betslip. What we are meaning here is that one market could increase the probability of the next and as a consequence you cannot expect huge odds.

Without getting too technical, the bookmaker adjusts the single price to reflect how the market might change if one of the markets you bet on occurs. The odds may differ the following way. For instance, let’s have a look at the previous example with Atletico Madrid – Getafe game. If you add three entirely not related selections such as – “result – win for Atletico”, “number of cards in the game” and “first goal scorer”, then you are likely to get impressive odds. But if you add selections such as “under”, “both teams to score – no” and “win for Atletico”, you are not likely to get huge odds as all selections are related at some extent.

Why Allfootballpredictions Bet Builder Betting Tps?

Bet Builder Tips are on of the latest services our team has established. Our team of tipsters use their experience and expertise gained through the years to develop and launch the service. What you should know about our Bet Builder tips is that we always combine selections that are closely related and thus, we minimize the risk of potential failure and manage to maintain long winning rows. Our tipsters are specified in analyzing games from different part of Europe and the rest of the world. Thus, we succeeded in providing our customers with bet builder tips 365 days a year. We use their expertise to find the most suitable games for a particular day for Bet Builder service simultaneously offering high odds and sustainable profit on long-term.

Responsible Gambling

The team of AllFootballPredictions combines our love for the sport with a strong commitment to responsible betting. Our insightful analyses and predictions are fueled by a dedication to integrity. Among our recommendations and tips, one consistent message prevails: “Bet responsibly.”

While we thrive on the excitement of the game, we emphasize moderation, caring about our audience’s well-being beyond just predicting outcomes. Our goal? To ensure that the thrill of betting is enjoyed sensibly and responsibly.