Perhaps most of you are well familiar with the essence and proper usage of btts predictions. The current article is mainly intended for the bettors that are still at the beginning of their betting experience. Of course, the experienced ones could also find suitable features that could easily apply to their daily predictions and overall betting strategy. The team of Allfootballpredictions is determined to clarify everything in relation to btts picks and their detailed meaning and how to get the most out of the usage of these tips. You will find plenty of articles online but we will try to give you more brief and clear explanations, we are aiming to be your comprehensive guide in the world of betting and finding the hidden meaning of this kind of tip.


What does btts mean?

In short, the abbreviation “BTTS” means “both teams to score”. We are looking for a certain number of goals to happen during the match. The two possible outcomes of the predictions could be “BTTS-yes” or “BTTS-no”. The prediction “BTTS-yes” is referring to see goals in both nets while “BTTS-no” is when one or both teams do not concede a goal. We hope it is clear to most of you but some of our customers still find trouble in defining the correct meaning. We will provide you with a deeper explanation of the meaning of this betting selection in the next paragraphs.


Both teams to score – Yes

The betting option of both teams to score is widely spread in almost all available bookmakers. You may face some troubles in betting on teams from lower leagues but if you want to use it for the main championships, it is usually displayed on the main page section of a particular event just below the Goals Over/Unders section. Please, follow the screenshot:

Btts example

So, what outcome do you need in order to get a winning bet? In short, btts-yes means that we should see goals on both nets. The result could be 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 2-1, 3-5 and so on… If a particular game ends 0-0 or 0-1, the stake will be a losing one. The conditions are far easier in comparison with Asian Handicap.


Suitable teams and competitions for BTTS-yes

When we are looking for the perfect scenario, we are aiming to find a high potential and premises for goals. Teams that score lots of goals are likely to record winning bets. But where can we find such teams? The answer is almost everywhere. By watching football games daily, you gain the ability to distinguish the style of play of the teams and their potential to either score or concede a goal. The meaning of this unwritten rule is that the attack of a team should significantly exceed the number of games played. The number of goals conceded should also come close to the number of games played. Let’s have a look at the example with Leeds United. In 29 games so far the team scored 45 goals and conceded 47. In short, we need to find two teams that are set to play against each other that have similar stats. We need to have two strong attacks and two vulnerable defences. That is the perfect scenario but it is often very difficult to be found. You can follow teams like Leeds, Liverpool, Arsenal, Sassuolo, Roma, Hoffenheim, Borussia Monchengladbach, Feyenoord and so on. Anyway, English Premier League is a suitable competition as well as Italy Seria A, German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie, Belgian Jupiler League.

Leeds - West Ham - Btts Example

Both teams to score – No

Here the outcome we are looking for is a little different. We need goals scored only on one net or to see no goals in the match at all. For example, all of the following results will provide us with a win – 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, and so on. The most interesting part here is that the goalless draw will also bring you a profit (0-0). It is a little tricky prediction but if you have a deeper knowledge of betting, you can easily record sufficient profit through the usage of it.


Suitable teams and competitions for BTTS-no

The majority of bettors prefer using btts-yes more often in comparison with btts-no. Perhaps the idea of finding two goal-scoring machines is seducing all bettors but that is not always the winning scenario. What do we need to use this prediction? For sure, we need two teams with decent defences. The first team that came to my mind is Atletico Madrid. The boys of Diego Simeone are known for their excellence at the back and ability to keep clean sheets more than any other team in La Liga. Let’s analyze the current standing in La Liga (29.03.2021). Atletico is the current leader with conceded only 18 goals in 28 games. It is an amazing achievement for sure. Sir Alex Ferguson once said that a good attack could win you a game but good defence could win you the title! There is much wisdom in his words for sure.


Anyway, what we are meaning here is that you definitely need a team with a decent defence – the number of conceded goals should be much less than the played games. You can easily get an easy profit if you bet on a btts-no in a home game of Atletico. Of course, the bookmakers are not stupid and will provide you with odds of around 1.30-1.50 depending on the opponent. You can combine the tip with a win for Atletico in order to get a proper odd. But that is not the only scenario where you can use btts-no. Sometimes in very tough games, especially in knock-out phases of any tournament (World Cup, EURO Cup, Champions League, Europa League), both teams are quite aware of not conceding a goal and you can use both teams to score – no, especially when the two teams own excellent defences and the final outcome is difficult to be predicted.


Suitable competitions and championships are Spanish La Liga, Spanish La Liga 2, Italy Seria A, Brazil Seria A. In fact, competition is not so important. It is required to find teams with solid defences or a strong favourite with a solid defence that is set to play against an underdog.

Man City - Sheff United - Btts-no Example

How and when to use Btts?

Still, most of the bettors prefer using straight betting selections (1X2) or Asian Handicap. Anyway, you can still be a successful bettor if you know how and when to use btts predictions.

You can use the predictions solely. But pay attention that the game with an obvious outcome will not provide you with solid odds. For example, it is clear that the game between Arsenal and Leeds is very likely to end with goals on both nets. That’s why bookies will provide you odds in the range of 1.44-1.57 which is quite unsatisfying. What should you do in such situations? You can still bet on such games for sure but it is not worth the risk. Instead, you can have a look at the lower leagues and find teams with high average goals per game. For instance, let’s have a look at the teams from the Japanese 2nd tier. It is likely to find very good odds for btts-yes but that is just a rough example. Our point here is that you should use the statistics in your favour and get the most out of the situation.


What else you can do? We have just mentioned that you can use the predictions solely but you can combine them with other betting selections in your own customized combo bet. But do not include too many games in it, two or three are more than enough. We had also mentioned in the example with Atletico Madrid that you can combine btts-no with a win for the hosts or the guests. Here you need teams with big contrast and difference. Usually betting on the home games of Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Chelsea, and Manchester City this season will bring you a solid profit.


What about btts-yes? How can I combine it? Usually, btts-yes refers to the potential of seeing many goals. That’s why it is mainly related to OVERs. If you are sure that there will be goals on both nets and the goals will be more than two, then you can use btts-yes & Over 2.5 for a higher odd. Usually, the selection is separate from the main betting section. You can see the example below. If you are looking for a massive odd, you can combine it with Over 3.5 or even Over 4.5! You can skip using both teams to score – yes in tough and unpredictable games from a knock-out phase in the Champions League for example, or the final or a cup game. Usually, there is another scenario that can prevent you from getting a winning tip.

Over and Btts combined bet example

Final thoughts

Both teams to score predictions could be your main financial booster if you stick to our recommendations. The team of Allfootballpredictions has dedicated much time and effort in order to reach a satisfactory success rate on a constant basis. We just want to save you hundreds of hours and help you build solid profit. The current article is just the beginning of finding the meaning of both teams to score predictions. You should dedicate some time in order to read the news, follow more and more teams and their performance throughout the season and find your own conclusions.

If you think of football games from a different angle, seeing the potential of goals gives you another perspective to comprehend the game. Sometimes it is more difficult to predict a final outcome. Seeing goals is a skill that could be developed with time. Thanks for reading!

Responsible Gambling

The team of AllFootballPredictions combines our love for the sport with a strong commitment to responsible betting. Our insightful analyses and predictions are fueled by a dedication to integrity. Among our recommendations and tips, one consistent message prevails: “Bet responsibly.”

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