The following guide has been created to provide you with useful insights for corner betting. You will find invaluable information about the essence of corner tips, types of corner markets, the application of different strategies and tips on how to improve your overall competence in corner betting.

What is Corner Betting?

Corner betting is one of the most common types of football betting. In the corner betting market, you are not interested in the outcome of a particular game or the total goals scored after 90 minutes. Only the number of corners matters. Of course, the latter is too generally expressed. There are many other indicators related to corner tips that matter – first corner kick, and last corner kick. Even the league itself or the specific traits of the teams may influence the corner betting market. What is the single reason that might make you choose corner tips rather than more straightforward markets like 1×2 or Double Chance tips? Of course, we should consider the simplicity and convenience of the more common betting markets but it is worth mentioning that corner markets offer a high level of stability.

How do Corner Bets Work?

Corner bets involve predicting the total number of corners that will be awarded during a football match. The calculations of odds in corner tips work in a comprehensible and easy way. All you have to do is multiply the amount of your stake with the odds of the selection. For instance, you bet 100 EUR on over 10 corners (1.66 odd) in Manchester United vs Sheffield United. Your potential net profit would be 66 EUR (100 EUR x 1.66).

Without getting too technical, the bookmakers set the initial odds for corner betting markets to reflect the probabilities of each betting outcome. Some of the odds may be set on 2 (Over/Under Corners) or 3-way-outcome markets (Alternative Corners).

It’s crucial to point out that different bookmakers and betting platforms might offer slightly different variations of corner bets. Always check the odds offers by at least several bookies and choose the most lucrative offer.

Types of Corner Bets

  • total corners – over/under – you place your bet if the total number of corners in the game will be over or under a particular number of corners (Over 7.5 Corners, Under 7.5 Corners, Over 8.5 Corners, Under 8.5 Corners…);
  • first half total corners – over/under – almost the same as total corners, the first half of total corners emphasize on the number of corners recorded after the first 45 minutes;
  • team total corners – over/under – here you place your bet on a specific team to record a particular number of corners. The expertise about the separate team’s approach and performance is essential here;
  • first/last corner – you place your bet on which team will record the first/last corner in the game;
  • corner handicap – quite similar to the Asian handicap, this type of corner betting market includes providing an artificial advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams involved in the encounter;
  • corner match bet – betting on which team will get the most corner kicks in a particular game;
  • corner 3-way bet – betting on which team will record more corners, there is a third choice – tie in case of a draw in corners;
  • multi corners – placing your bet on the total number of corners multiplied by the total number of goals in a game;
  • corner range – here you place your bet on a specific range of total corners (6-8; 9-11; 12-14…).

It is essential to state that different bookmakers and betting platforms may offer different corner betting markets with significant changes in odds between them. It is important to pay attention, do your research and place your bets accordingly.

Best Corner Bet Strategies

The current section has been created to provide you with the most common and effective strategies applied in corner betting. There are numerous strategies but we filled our list with proven ones over time:

Pre-match corner bet

This betting strategy requires checking different indicators before the kick-off. The approach includes evaluating indicators like the performance of goalkeepers, defenders, average shtots per game, average xG of each team, weather conditions and absent/unavailable players. Analysing the separate skills of the players is crucial for the success of football betting in corners. Evaluating shots per game and xG requires exploring the corner-betting stats of both teams. Such data could be easily found on the sites of the major leagues – English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga and Champions League. Bookies often take into account the total number of shots per game when setting the odds. The list of absent/unavailable players is crucial as well as it may influence the total corners. Moreover, the number of crosses per game also matters as it could be an indicator of the potential for additional corners in the game.

Live corners bets

Live corner bets differ significantly from the pre-match corner bets. You should set aside only an insignificant part of your bankroll for corner tips. For instance, you can use this strategy in the second halves of the games, especially when the bookies increase the odds for a total number of corners. Bookies usually double the previously set line after 45 or 60 minutes.

Other corner betting strategies

  • never bet on no corner option;
  • avoid betting on even/odd total angle;
  • raining conditions is a premise for a lot of corners;
  • search leagues with strong favourites and underdogs, it is the best scenario;
  • if the stronger team is losing during the first 45 minutes, then the same team is expected to record more corners during the second half.

Corner Bets in Different Leagues

By exploring different leagues and teams you gain expertise and a significant advantage over the bookmakers. It is worth taking a deeper look at lesser-known leagues. Bookmakers sometimes skip valuable information and make less effort to properly evaluate corner lines in low-mainstream leagues. Here you can take serious advantage. However, it is important to know the peculiarities of the major European leagues in relation to corner betting:

  • Italian Seria A – the reputation of the league is that you can’t win easily at corner betting. It was believed that the majority of teams used to pay more attention to the defence. Nowadays, the situation is quite different as Seria A teams do not own the traits typical for the Italian teams during the 90s’. There are many attacking-minded teams and corners are easy to record if you follow them closely;
  • Dutch Eredivisie – it is definitely a more attacking-minded league compared to the rest in Europe. Games in Dutch Eredivisie usually record a higher number of average corners per game than any other league;
  • Spanish La Liga – the average number of goals scored per game in La Liga has significantly decreased during the last couple of years. The reputation of La Liga as a league for never-ending attacks has slowly diminished as the teams have become more tactically cautious. As a result, the number of goals and corners has decreased.

Corner Bets Based on Different Approaches

Corner betting tips could be largely influenced by the different approaches each team applies. Some teams prefer total control over the game like Manchester City and Arsenal. Such teams usually prefer to attack through the centre and sometimes an abundance of corners does not occur. You should be quite cautious with the approach of the separate teams. As the quality of the shots of such teams is extremely high and the shots are performed just in the net, corners are not so common.

However, do not get too discouraged. Teams that have total control over the games are not so many. To gain proper success in corner betting try to find teams that lack quality in their shots. The best scenario is to find teams that are strong favourites against underdogs. Moreover, it is essential to explore teams that prefer attacking through the flangs and teams that use many crosses.

Conclusion: Improving Corner Betting Skills

It takes many years and total dedication to improve and refine your corner betting skills and expertise. One should immerse oneself and spend every single minute reading betting news and exploring different teams, leagues, approaches, and tactical analyses. It is essential to explore different teams and low-mainstream leagues, watch a handful of football matches a week and try to find specific traits of the teams’ preferences in corners. After you start gaining tactical awareness and a better understanding of corner betting and then you will be on the right path to improving your skills and expertise

The key word here is focus. Focus and the results will imminently come with time. Whether you are an irregular punter or someone who bets regularly, it is clear that no one likes the losses. So, it is vital to get as quickly as possible to those 5% of football bettors that form the winners. Read more, bet more, stay focused.

Responsible Gambling

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