The following article has been created to provide you with all double chance bets fundamentals – meaning, types, calculation of odds, established strategies, strengths and drawbacks

What is Double Chance Bet?

Double Chance is one of the most common and straightforward football betting markets. It is preferred mainly for its additional protection and reduced risk of loss. The bet covers two out of the three possible outcomes for a particular game, or said with other words you are holding over 66% of all possible outcomes in your hands. There are three possible double chance options – 1X (win for the hosts or a draw), X2 (draw or win for the guests) or 12 (either win for the hosts or the guests). Furthermore, all of the options are available at half-time with significantly higher odds.

How are DC Bets Calculated?

Before considering placing your bet, it will be reasonable to check the odds and calculate your potential win. Let’s illustrate the calculation of the coefficients with an example.
Arsenal is facing Brentford. Let’s say that only a few days ago the Gunners had an extremely tough Champions League encounter. The fatigue has doomed the whole squad and as a result, some key players are unavailable for the upcoming game.

On the other side, Brentford are struggling to keep their place in the Premier League and currently has been in great form despite the poor overall performance. It is a risky strategy but when you have so much information on the counter, then you can bet on X2 (draw or win for Brentford) on a lucrative odds of around 2.00-2.50. The calculation will be performed as follows:

  • your stake x odd -100 = net profit;
  • 100 EUR x 2.50 -100 = 150 EUR

Let’s provide another example with a different scenario. Backing the home advantage always seems like a safe and reasonable option but you are likely to fail in searching high and lucrative odds. That’s why it is essential to search for well-performing hosts. For instance, Leeds is taking on Leicester in the Championship. Leicester is the current leader of the league table but Leeds has been demonstrating consistency, especially at Ellan Road. You can safely go for a 1X double chance bet (win for Leeds or a draw). Of course, the odds won’t be more than 1.40-1.50. So, you should add another fixture.

Types of Double Chance Bets

As mentioned above, there are three possible double chance bets – 1X (win for the hosts or a draw), X2 (draw or a win for the guests) and 12 (win for the hosts or win for the guests):

  • Double Chance 1X – as explained above, this type of double chance bet includes a win for the hosts and a draw. If you think the hosts will have a decent chance to win the game or at least not lose it, then it is the right option for you;
  • Double Chance X2 – this betting option involves a draw and a win for the guests. In case you encounter well-performing guests or a team in superb current form, then you can consider this riskier betting option of a double chance bet;
  • Double Chance 12 – the third betting option of double chance is the most avoided one as you should have a win for either team involved in the encounter. If you decide to be on 12, then you should be 100% sure that the draw is not preferred by either team and that there will be plenty of attacks on both nets;
  • Half-time Double Chance Bets – all of the above-mentioned three betting options of double chance bets could be placed for 45 minutes of football. That is a good strategy if you are looking for higher and more lucrative odds.

Successful Strategies for Double Chance Betting

  • Add more fixtures to your bet slip – although you will get an immediate warning from our team not to stick to this strategy if you restrict your choice to up to 3 football events, then you could be quite successful in the long term. Consider your picks wisely, and choose events in which you are 100% sure of the outcome. Double Chance Bets and Draw Bet are considered safe and reasonable options for combo and accumulator bets;
  • Always consider stats – it is highly recommended to follow different stats like head-to-head performance, current form, home and away performance, and place in the league table. The more information and stats you gather, the better;
  • Set a betting budget – overall success cannot be measured if you do not set aside a budget that will be intended solely for betting and nothing else. Do not exceed more than 10% of your overall budget for every single double-chance bet. Bet smartly, and win consistently.

Pros and Cons of Double Chance Betting

We will list the most common strengths and drawbacks of using double chance bets.


  • additional protection and safety as double chance covers two out of the three possible outcomes
  • lower risk of loss;
  • additional protection and safety as double chance covers two out of the three possible outcomes
  • suitable option for combo and accumulator bets


  • lower odds

If you are new at football betting, then it is better to start with safe betting options like double chance. It reduces the loss exposure significantly. Double chance bets are one of the few reasonable options to back the underdogs and get profit. Follow well-performing teams and bet accordingly. You can also consider to maximize your chances with our premium double chance tips. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting out, our expert predictions can help you make the most of every opportunity!

Responsible Gambling

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While we thrive on the excitement of the game, we emphasize moderation, caring about our audience’s well-being beyond just predicting outcomes. Our goal? To ensure that the thrill of betting is enjoyed sensibly and responsibly.