It’s Germany 2nd Bundesliga time! Today, the team of Holstein Kiel hosts the current leader Hamburger at their stadium Holstein-Stadion in Kiel. The kick-off of the match is set at 19:30 GMT 0.

Holstein Kiel currently lies on the 5th place with 11 points out of 6 games (3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss). The hosts managed to score 7 goals and conceded only 5. In general, Holstein Kiel defends their fortress Holstein-Stadion very well and it is very hard for any team to get points. There is no news for any missing players within the squad.

Hamburger is the undisputed leader of 2nd Bundesliga in Germany. The guests have recorded 5 wins and only 1 draw out of 6 games. Hamburger has always been one of the most popular and rich football clubs in Germany. The team has been in 2nd Bundesliga for a while and now it is high time for them to win a promotion.

Germany – Bundesliga 2

Holstein Kiel vs Hamburger SV

November 9th, Monday, 19:30 GMT +0


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