Italy Seria A is here with us today! Juventus hosts Napoli in a game from Round 28. The game is set to start at 17:45 GMT 0 at Allianz Stadium in Turin.

Pirlo’s last game in charge?

During the last decade under the management of Antonio Conte and Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus has always been involved in the title race, actually they won it every time! Juventus even won the title under the unconvincing Mauricio Sarri. It had been time for change and Pirlo was appointed as the coach who can bring this change and rejuvenation of the team. The title was not mandatory in the first season but finishing out of the top 4 is something that directors at Allianz Stadium cannot afford at any price. Could this be the last game of Andrea Pirlo? Maybe. But the appointment of Pirlo was a harsh and brave decision. The risk had been obvious.

Chance for top 4

The team of Napoli has been in decent form recently. The boys of Gennaro Gattuso has all the chance to remove Juventus from the 4th place. Napoli has recorded 4 consecutive wins and now is on the verge of finishing the season in the best possible way after the poor start. There is no news for any absentees within the squad with the exception of the left-back F.Goulam.

Final thoughts

We are expecting to see an open game with many goal-scoring opportunities on both nets. Napoli can take advantage of their good form and get some points. Juventus is forced to give 100% and to win this game. The draw is not an option.

Italy – Serie A

Juventus vs Napoli

April 7th, Wednesday, 17:45 GMT +0


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