It’s FA Cup time! Leicester hosts Chelsea in an epic clash from the 1/4 finals of the oldest football tournament. The game is set to start at 16:00 GMT 0 at King Power Stadium.

Leicester has failed to impress since the renewal of the Premier League. The team recorded 2 draws against Watford and Brighton. Their place in top 4 is put on doubt as both Wolves and Manchester United are waiting for potential failures on behalf of the Foxes. Today, the boys of Brendan Rodgers have the unique opportunity to finish the season with lifting a trophy. They will face the team of Chelsea which has been in incredibly good form.

Chelsea won deservedly against Manchester City a few days ago. Their win demonstrated that their place in top 4 is cemented. The win from the last round has boosted the mood of the team. Chelsea will try to eliminate Leicester in 90 minutes. Considering their good form, we would support Chelsea for a final winner of this 1/4 final.

England – FA Cup

Leicester vs Chelsea

June 28th, Sunday, 16:00 GMT +0

Chelsea 0.0

1.60 odd