Asian Bets

It is a newly-established paid service that aims to satisfy the high demand of Asian Handicap and Asian Goal Line predictions. In short, it offers a success rate of over 75% and odds always above 1.70. The predictions are available on a daily basis.

Suitable for single bets
Odds of over 1.70
Success rate of over 75%
Available everyday
Level of risk – Low
Recommended stake – High
Delivery 2 hours before the kick-off at the latest
Good proportion between Rate/Price

Pricing Plans

What is an Asian betting tip?

In short, it is one of our paid services that could be divided into two main categories – Asian Handicap and Asian Goal Line. Handicaps could be perceived as an artificial lead or handicap given to one of the teams in a particular game. Goal Lines deal with the Over/Under bets but it provides much more alternatives and final outcomes. Asian Market is a little different compared to the ordinary betting market and there could be some fluctuations in odds in analogical selections. Those paid bets are very spread and popular bets among the football betting society. They have been firstly established in Indonesia in 1998 and generated popularity in the 21st century.


How to start winning from Asian betting?

At first, winning consistently from any kind of betting requires firm strategy, a strict betting budget and solid knowledge of particular markets (if you do not own such, you can always turn your attention to tipsters). Asian betting market is available for most football events but there could be some limitations and restrictions as well. However, it is always available for the major European championships, international tournaments, Champions League and Europa League for instance. Below, you will find some essential tips on how to maximize your profit through the usage of one of our best-selling paid services – Asian Bets.


Asian Handicap

It has something to do with the classical European handicap but there are some differences. Asian handicap market works separately from European handicap and you can find higher odds on analogical selections. For example, if the odds for Manchester United -1.5 AH (Asian Handicap) against Norwich are estimated at 1.70, and respectively the odds for the Red Devils -1.0 EH (European Handicap) are 1.61, then it is obvious that you will pay attention to the Asian market. In order to increase your profits from those types of paid predictions, you have to pick games where both teams have a big difference in terms of current form, class and overall performance. Of course, there are alternatives that give you additional benefits and protection in some cases:


  • Handicap 0.0 – it is equal to Draw No Bet but checks the odds for both selections as there could be differences in favour of 0.0 AH;
  • Positive Handicap (it gives an artificial advantage to one of the teams, usually the underdog) +0.25 (0.0; +0.5); +0.5; +0.75 (+0.5; +1.0); +1.00;
  • Negative Handicap (it gives an artificial handicap to one of the teams, usually the favourite) -0.25 (0.0; -0.5); -0.5; -0.75 (-0.5; -1.0); -1.00.


Asian Goal Line

The alternative goal line represents betting on the potential of goals in a particular game. Unlike the ordinary Over/Under tips, it has some advantages. The Asian Goal Line market is different and works solely from the Over/Under market. You usually get higher odds on the former market, so check always for fluctuations. You have additional protection in (OVER/UNDER 1.0, OVER/UNDER 2.0, OVER/UNDER 3.0..) as in case you get an exact number of goals, you will have your stake refunded. In order to maximize your revenues from Asian Goal Line paid bets, you need to find a game that you will access for a potential of goals. Then choose whether to back the “under” or “over” line and check for the best odds. Check out some of the most common Goal line bets:


  • Goal Line Over 1.0; Over 1.25 (1.0; 1.5); Over 1.5; Over 1.75 (1.5; 2.0);
  • Goal Line Under 1.0; Under 1.25 (1.0; 1.5); Under 1.5; Under 1.75 (1.5; 2.0).


*the concept may be unknown for some of you, the detailed explanation of Asian handicaps and the goal line is not the main focus of the page. To get a more clear idea, check out the following article published on the site – https://www.allfootballpredictions.com/betting-tools/asian-handicap-explained/


When and where will you get your 3-way match predictions

The team of Allfootballpredictions will send you the paid picks on your email from the contact form or PayPal notification unless you prefer switching to another email or other source of communication (WhatsApp, Viber). Usually, our professional tipsters send the predictions long before the kick-off (7-8 hours). Due to some unforeseen obstacles that may occur shortly before the match, Allfootballpredictions keeps the right to send your 1×2 paid tips one hour before the kick-off at the latest.


How to get your Asian bets?

In order to get your bets, you should follow the established steps for selecting of service and performing of payment:


  • Choose any of the approved payment methods – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, MPesa;
  • If none of the approved payment methods is convenient for you, then get in contact with us for further information;
  • The steps for using each payment method are neatly described when clicking on the banner of the paid service you chose
  • PayPal payments are automatically connected with a link with the respective price;
  • Delivery of our bets – your bets will be sent to the email you used in our contact form. If you want to use another email for receiving your paid tips, please, notify us in advance.


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Asian Bets FAQs

What are Asian bets in football?

Asian bets, also known as Asian Handicap (AH) bets, are a popular form of football betting that provide a different angle upon football betting is viewed and perceived.

What are the advantages of Asian handicap betting?

In short, the advantages of Asian bets are that they offer more balanced and fairer betting market as well as additional protection.

Are Asian bets difficult to understand?

No, Asian bets are quite easy to be understood. To put it briefly, Asian handicap concept is when two teams play and one of them is given a virtual head start (underdog), which means the favored team must overcome a handicap to win the bet.

Is it possible to make a profit from Asian betting?

If they are used wisely – you should stick to your betting budget and proper betting strategy (flat stakes). Bet builder tips will bring you profit on long-term.

What is the difference between Asian bets and traditional fixed-odds betting?

It is a serious topic. For more information and details, you can check our article about Aisan Handicap. In short, Asian bets offer more balanced and fairer options.

Responsible Gambling

The team of AllFootballPredictions combines our love for the sport with a strong commitment to responsible betting. Our insightful analyses and predictions are fueled by a dedication to integrity. Among our recommendations and tips, one consistent message prevails: “Bet responsibly.”

While we thrive on the excitement of the game, we emphasize moderation, caring about our audience’s well-being beyond just predicting outcomes. Our goal? To ensure that the thrill of betting is enjoyed sensibly and responsibly.