Bet Builder Tips

It is a new type of our paid betting services that has generated popularity in the last couple of years. Its main advantage is that you have the option to combine several betting selections into one slip. The success rate is calculated at over 70% and odds are always above 1.70. Bet builder tips are available daily.

Suitable for single bets
Odds of over 1.70
Success rate of over 80%
Available everyday
Level of risk – Low
Recommended stake – High
Delivery 2 hours before the kick-off at the latest
High success rate at good price

Pricing Plans

What is a bet builder

It is a specially designed betting tool available on most of the major bookmakers. It could be met with alternative names like “Same Game Multi” or “Combine a Bet”, however, the most widespread name of the tool remains “Bet Builder”. What actually is it? It provides you with the option to bet on various betting outcomes on one single sports event and merge them into one single stake. For instance, if you think that Manchester United will record a win over Norwich but at the same time you are convinced that there will be few goals in the game, then you can use the bet builder tips to get higher odds for your prediction. Of course, there are some restrictions in relation to its usage as you cannot use the Asian Handicap or Alternative Goal Line but still, there is a great abundance of betting selections, especially for the major European tournaments. In short, bet builder paid tip is a great betting tool for those of you who are convinced of two or more betting selections in one single football event and want to get maximum odds for their tips.


How to combine a winning bet?

In the beginning, it may seem quite tempting to add four or five selections from different markets (Result, Double Chance, Total Goals, Both Teams to Score, Cards etc.). But be aware as you can easily lose focus and respectively your money. Usually, it requires no more than 2, maximum 3 selections from different markets to get winning tips on a regular basis. So, it is crucial to stick to that rule. The most widespread model is to combine a “RESULT”(win for the hosts, draw or win for the guests) or “DOUBLE CHANCE” (1X, X2 or 1/2) with “TOTAL GOAL” (over 1.5, over 2.5, over 3.5 or under 1.5, under 2.5, under 3.5). For example, if Atletico Madrid takes on Getafe and you are sure that the hosts will win but the odds are too insufficient (1.30), you can add “TOTAL GOALS” market and pick UNDER 3.5 for higher odds. The latter is just a simple example of how bet builder paid tips work in the right way, the winning way, in fact.


Best Bet Builder Practices

Bookmakers know very well that allowing too many betting markets in all tournaments puts their future revenues at a high risk. The usage of bet builder paid tips may cause you some problems, especially while picking games from lesser-known games. Of course, bookmakers could not be that strict all the time and they miss some valuable games with all possible markets and selections unlocked. Play wise and check as many football events as possible. Time is a crucial factor to beat the bookies! Some betting selections stay unlocked only for a few hours, so stick with the time frame as well.

What else should you keep in mind? The focus on 2 or 3 maximum selections is very important for sustainable profit in those kinds of tips. With the exception of the already-mentioned combinations between “RESULT”, “DOUBLE CHANCE” and “TOTAL GOALS”, there are many other winning mergers. You have the option to combine “CARDS” with “TEAM to QUALIFY” (if there is a direct elimination), “RESULT” with “BOTH TEAMS to SCORE” and many more. One thing is sure. You have to know your own strengths and limit yourself to markets you are an expert at.


Get Bet Builder Predictions

In order to get your bet builder paid predictions, you should follow the established steps for selecting of service and performing of payment:


  • Choose any of the approved payment methods – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, MPesa;
  • If none of the approved payment methods is convenient for you, then get in contact with us for further information;
  • The steps for using each payment method are neatly described when clicking on the banner of the paid service you chose;
  • PayPal payments are automatically connected with a link with the respective price;
  • Delivery of our tips – your bet builder tips will be sent to the email you used in our contact form. If you want to use another email for receiving your paid tips, please, notify us in advance.

FAQs about Bet Builder Tips

What are bet builder tips?

Bet builder tips has been available on betting market for more than 5 years. It is a type of bet that combine two or more betting selections for one game into one betslip.

How do bet builder tips work?

In bet builder tips you have the option to combine several betting markets into one betslip. The success rate is calculated at over 70% and odds are always above 1.70.

What types of markets can I combine in a bet builder tip?

You can include all major betting markets into your bet builder tips. The only exception is due to its unique features and separate market, Asian bets are not possible to be included.

Are bet builder tips profitable?

If they are used wisely – you should stick to your betting budget and proper betting strategy (flat stakes). Bet builder tips will bring you profit on long-term.

Can I use bet builder tips for live betting?

Most of the bookmakers provide the option of live betting for Bet builder market. Pay attention that odds may change rapidly, so place your bets in a timely manner.