Corner Betting Tips

Corner betting tips are a great alternative to popular betting selections. You do not need to predict the final winner but to look at a particular event in an entirely new way. You have to predict the number of corners having some betting selection (lines and range, half-time, full-time) to choose from. The service offers a success rate of over 70% and odds between 1.70 – 2.00. The tips are available on a daily basis. The predictions are suitable for consistent and LIVE bettors.

Suitable for single bets
Odds of 1.70 – 2.00
Success rate of over 70%
Available everyday
Level of risk – Medium
Recommended stake – Medium
Delivery 2 hours before the kick-off at the latest
LIVE betting

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How to bet on corner betting tips?

Bookies offer a great abundance of betting markets for corners. The most widespread option it put your wager on a total number of corners. Usually, there is an established limit of 10.5 corners. Your predictions will be related to whether you think there will be more or fewer goals than these lines. There are only two possible outcomes – win or loss. Of course, there are other betting markets like half-time corner tips. Literally, it is the same but you will have a smaller line for 45 minutes. In case you think that any of both halves will be more intense and thrilling than the other, you can get benefit from that bet. You should bear in mind that corner range is another attractive option for football betting. You have the choice to pick a row of selections of corners between 0-6, 7-12 and etc. Bettors can also place their stakes on a certain half where there will be more goals or even predict the team which will record a higher amount of corners.
If you are a hardcore bettor, you can even bet on LIVE with the respective betting selections. You have the choice, follow the odds and pick the best selection!


When to bet on corner lines?

In order to win consistently from betting on corner lines, you should have in mind some factors to consider like tactics, strategies, the current form of both teams, average corners awarded per game, average shots on and off target and etc. It takes time, devotion and patience to establish a long-term strategy for successful betting on corner tips. You should even consider the approach each team applies in a certain game. For example, teams that attack through the wings are more prone to record more corners. 


Suitable teams for over and under corners

A dominating team in terms of possession and creating goal-scoring chances is quite likely to record an immense number of corner kicks. Such teams usually use a high defensive line and constant pressure towards the opponents. You can easily distinguish such teams – Manchester City, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG. On the other side, teams that are prone to accept the game in their own half or even close to the defensive line, are prone to leave more spaces for the attacking-minded teams. As a consequence that could lead to more corners as well.
Pay attention that the final result has nothing to do with this type of betting tip. Manchester City may fail to win Norwich (0-0) even though they could create two-digit clear goal opportunities and the same number of corner kicks. That’s why such kind of prediction requires different skills and competence completely different to predicting the final outcome of a certain match. Bear in mind that teams that apply right-footed wingers on the right flank and respectively, left-footed on the left, are more prone to record a higher number of corners. Why? Because the natural wingers usually try to beat the defenders nearly the touchline and try to deliver the ball to the strikers. The chance of getting a corner in such a case is bigger compared to a left-footed winger who cuts inside the right flank in order to shot. You have to consider as well the approaches of each team. Teams like Bayern, PSG, Manchester City and Barcelona are more likely to keep high ball possession and record a high total number of corners. Other teams like Crystal Palace and Newcastle prefer using counter-attacks more often. There are also fluid teams like Leicester that could use various formations and approaches depending on the opponents they play against. In order to get winning tips more often, you should follow such features as ball possession, approaches and stats for average corners.


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