World Cup Qualifiers are here with us today! Serbia hosts Portugal at Rajko Mitić Stadion in Belgrade. The game is from Round 2 of Group A and it is set to start at 19:45 GMT 0.

EURO Qualifiers Clashes

Serbia and Portugal were at Group B of Euro 2020 Qualifications. Both teams along with Ukraine were involved in the battle for qualifying to the tournament but unfortunately, Serbia finished 3rd and will miss EURO 2020. Both teams played intriguing games with each other. There were plenty of goals on both fixtures but Portugal proved they deservedly finished 2nd.

Favourites for Winning the Group

Group A of World Cup Qualifiers includes also the teams of Luxembourg, Ireland and Azerbaijan. Portugal is the strong favourite for winning 1st place while Serbia comes closest to be called a runner-up. Despite the unconvincing display over Azerbaijan (1-0) in the previous round, Portugal has it all to take the 3 points tonight.

Final thoughts

We think that the upcoming game is bringing a dose of unpredictability with it. The final winner is hard to be defined but we expect to see an open game with plenty of opportunities on both nets.

World Cup – Qualification

Serbia vs Portugal

March 27th, Saturday, 19:45 GMT +0

12 HT

1.61 odd