It’s UEFA Nations League time! The bottom-placed team of Sweden hosts Croatia in a game from Round 5 of Group 3, League A. The match is set to be played at Friends Arena at 19:45 GMT 0.

Sweden lies in the last 4th place with zero points. The team recorded 4 losses out of 4 games and it seems that it will be almost impossible for them to keep their place in League A of Nations League tournament. Sweden has nothing to lose and tonight they will try to win the match by all means allowed. Dejan Kulusevski, Viktor Lindelof, Emil Forsberg and Alexander Isak will do all it takes to secure the win for the “Tre Konnur”.

Croatia has no chance to reach the top of the group. Instead, they will allocate their efforts towards keeping their place in League A. The team looks quite different in comparison with the star-team that reached the final of the last World Cup in 2018. Some young players like Duleta-Car, Pasalic, Brekalo and Nikola Vlasic will get more playing minutes in the process of rejuvenating the eldering team of Croatia.

UEFA Nations League – League A

Sweden vs Croatia

November 14th, Saturday, 19:45 GMT +0


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