About Us

Who We Are

Allfootballpredictions is a site offering free and paid football predictions and a lot of useful features that could facilitate bettors all over the world. Our team consists of 4 members – each with a specific scope of competence. What unites us is our passion, devotion and dedication all of us feel about football. Our team has contributed to the profit of over 2000 customers over since 2016. Our motto has always been: “Take care of your customers. Profit is always equal to the attitude towards them.”

Our History

We have always been somehow merged with the Great Game. All of us are retired footballers who did not manage to succeed in the world of football. Although we were talented and gifted players, we knew that the road to the big fame was full of unpredictable obstacles. That’s why we quitted. The lack of football left us with a big void within our souls. We did not know what to do. All of a sudden we managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “Why won’t try to use our knowledge in football somewhere else?” – one of us said. “Do you mean to become managers? Gaining a certificate would cost us a huge amount of money.” – I replied. “No, no. Let’s try to use our skills in predicting football games and share that knowledge with as many football fans as possible.”. What followed was 10-minutes admirations. We all knew that this was the best decision for the moment. The rest is history. For a couple of years, all members of Allfootballpredictions has been providing profitable football predictions in different projects. It was not until 2016 when we established our brand and have started to bring profit to thousands of bettors worldwide.

Mission and Vision

The business’s guideline has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Companies should not look for their profit in the first place. What is much more important is the proper treatment of customers. Surprisingly or not, the customers are your employer. The mission of Allfootballpredictions is to provide as many useful features as possible in order to keep our customers engaged and connected to the brand. The profit comes as second priority. As our motto states – “Profit is always equal to the attitude towards customers.”. Our vision is to keep tight relationships with our customers and providing them with special attitude.

Responsible Gambling

The team of AllFootballPredictions combines our love for the sport with a strong commitment to responsible betting. Our insightful analyses and predictions are fueled by a dedication to integrity. Among our recommendations and tips, one consistent message prevails: “Bet responsibly.”

While we thrive on the excitement of the game, we emphasize moderation, caring about our audience’s well-being beyond just predicting outcomes. Our goal? To ensure that the thrill of betting is enjoyed sensibly and responsibly.