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Over/Under paid bet tips is a newly established service. It offers an alternative angle for predicting a particular game. You have to access the potential of the goals to be scored considering some factors. It offers a success rate of over 70% and odds are always above 1.70. The service is available every day.

Suitable for single bets
Odds of over 1.70
Success rate of over 70%
Available everyday
Level of risk – Medium
Delivery 2 hours before the kick-off at the latest
Affordable Price

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What is an over/under bet?

Over/under paid bets deal with the proper accessing of the potential of goals in a particular game. In betting that is a quite different perspective for analysing games compared to the mainstream betting options like 1X2 for example. In many matches, it is far easier to predict the relative number of goals considering certain indicators, stats and peculiarities about the teams involved. In over/under paid bets, one has not to deal with predictions about the final winner of the game. Sometimes there are tough games between equally strong opponents and it is almost impossible to pick a winner, even using a more protected betting option like Double Chance. When you face such games, remember to use over/under tips. The most widespread goal line is over/under 2.5. In case there are two or fewer goals in a particular game (1-1, 2-0. 1-0, 0-0…), the under 2.5 predictions will be winning. In case there are more than two goals in the game (2-1, 2-2, 1-2, 2-3…), the over 2.5 tips will be winning. Of course, you may also bet on over 1.5 or over 3.5. The positive thing here is that you have only two possible outcomes on the ground. In the next paragraph, we will go deeper into the topic and reveal to you all the essential information you need to know.

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Over/under betting – best practices

It is not that easy to find suitable games for the service over/under paid bets. There are some crucial factors that everybody should take into account if one wants to be on the winning side. As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should start perceiving football from an entirely new angle. Further clarification on the way how follows in the next paragraphs:


Competitions, cups and teams for over goals

One of the easiest ways to find suitable fixtures for over/under paid bets is to pick competitions where the average number of goals scored per game is relatively high. What are those competitions? Quite curiously, Italian Seria A is such a competition. Watch the games of Sassuolo, Lazio, Roma, Atalanta and you can easily record some fast profit by betting on over tips. The old fame of the Italian catenaccio has gone away. Currently, more and more Italian clubs have been applying tactics more oriented to attacking and eye-catching football. It is worth mentioning as well the German Bundesliga. Here we have a relatively high number of average goals scored per game in addition to the higher tempo of the game. The majority of games of Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Dortmund, Borussia M’Gladbach, Eintracht, Hoffenheim end in overs. The German football is pleasing for the eye and a gold mine for bettors of overs. Of course, there are other leagues like the Dutch Eredivisie, Turkish Super Lig with abundance of attacking teams and vulnerable defences. Of course, not only the teams and competition matter, sometimes it is up to the scenario of a specific game to witness a game full of goals.


Competitions, cups and teams for under goals

In fact, finding suitable games from the regular seasons at any European or international championship is a little bit harder. However, there are some teams with a deep and solid-performing defence like Atletico Madrid, Chelsea or Wolverhampton. In 80% of the games, Atletico usually does not concede any goals, so it is pretty easy to pick unders paid tips in their games. Not only Atletico Madrid finds success in playing defensively. In fact, most of the teams from the Spanish La Liga and La Liga 2 play more cautiously and as a result there are not many goals in the fixtures. Getafe, Villarreal, Sevilla, Bilbao, Osasuna, Alaves, you can add some more to the list, play with deep defence and create a few chances per game. So, if the odds are juicy, you can bet on most of the Spanish games. English Premier League and English Championship are also attractive for under paid tips but be more cautious there. The Brazilian Seria A and Seria B are other competitions where most of the games end with few goals. The importance of a particular game or a stage of the tournament could raise the chance of seeing a successful under tip at the end. You can find such games in the final stages of all European championships, in the knock-out stages of Champions League, Europa League, World Cup and Euro tournaments. Most of the teams that reach the final stages of a particular championship usually do not risk too much and defend deeply most of the time. Despite the presence of some shocking results on the EURO 2020, unders are still prevailing. In short, finals, semi-finals and eliminations are suitable for unders.


How can I buy over/under paid tips?

  • Choose any of the approved payment methods – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, MPesa;
  • If none of the approved payment methods is convenient for you, then get in contact with us for further information;
  • The steps for using each payment method are neatly described when clicking on the banner of the paid service you chose;
  • PayPal payments are automatically connected with a link with the respective price;
  • Delivery of our tips – your over/under predictions will be sent to the email you used in our contact form. If you want to use another email for receiving your paid tips, please, notify us in advance.


Where and when will I receive my over/under paid bet tips?

Your over/under tips will be sent to your email (the one used in the contact form, if you want to use another email for further communication, please, notify us preliminary). You can use an alternative channel for communication like WhatsApp or Viber.
Your paid tips will be sent before the start of the game, usually several hours before the kick-off (7-8 hours). Usually, our professional tipsters send paid betting tips long before the kick-off (7-8 hours). Due to some unforeseen obstacles that may occur shortly before the match, Allfootballpredictions keeps the right to send your sure bet predictions 1 hour before the kick-off at the latest.


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Over/Under Bet Tips FAQs

What are over/under bets?

Over/under bets is one of our best-selling services. It offers over 70% success rate and it includes one single event. Only Over/Under market is included here.

Can I make a profit from using over/under bets?

You can make a substantial profit if you use over/under bets wisely. If you stick to flat stakes strategy combined with average and balanced stakes, you will inevitable record a solid profit.

How much should I bet on over/under bets?

It is estimated that every single stake of yours should not exceed more than 5% of your overall betting budget. It is recommended to use flat bet strategy.

Is it legal to use over/under bets for betting?

It is up to you to check whether there are any existing gambling restrictions in your country of residence. If there are none, then it utterly legal to over/under bets for betting.

Do I need a large bankroll to place over/under bets?

As the service offers over 70% success rate, it is recommended to use an average bankroll to start your over/under initiative. It is important that your single stake should not exceed 5% of your overall budget. ‘All in’ strategy is totally not recommended.

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