Btts and Win Tips

Btts and Win Tips is a paid bet that consists of two separate betting selections – btts and final result. It is most suitable for bettors seeking high and lucrative odds. The service is available every day and it offers odds in a range of 1.70 – 2.20 with a success rate of over 70%.

Suitable for single bets
Odds of 1.70 – 2.20
Success rate of over 70%
Available everyday
Level of risk – Medium
Recommended stake – Medium
Delivery 2 hours before the kick-off at the latest
High odds

Pricing Plans

What does btts and win tip mean?

At first, it is a type of accumulator paid bet that consists of two selections – “both teams to score in the game” and “result”. It is a new kind of football betting option that has been generating great popularity and significant growth. More and more bookmakers offer the betting selection on many football events. Six options exist:


  • Both Teams to Score – YES & Win for the Hosts;
  • Both Teams to Score – YES & Win for the Guests;
  • Both Teams to Score – YES & Draw;
  • Both Teams to Score – NO & Win for the Hosts;
  • Both Teams to Score – NO & Win for the Guests;
  • Both Teams to Score – NO & Draw.


What do you get by betting on btts and win tips?

There are some significant advantages for the bettors that use these kinds of paid football predictions: Lucrative Odds – the main prons of btts and win tips! If you are looking for higher odds, this is the type of bet for you. For example, if “both teams to score – YES” option is valued only at 1.53 but at the same time you are convinced that Arsenal will win against Leicester, you can get benefit from btts and win tips. Another example, the home wins of Atletico Madrid against middle-ranked teams are usually set at 1.30-1.50. You can easily increase your potential profit by adding btts and win paid tips option – Both Teams to Score – No, to the home win. Atletico concedes goals quite rarely at Metropolitana and you can use this information successfully.


Best practices for bettors

One of the widespread and successful practices is to bet on games where the favourites play away from home. It is a decent strategy if you look for a successful plan for btts and win tips. For example, Barcelona and Real Madrid have always been considered favourites for winning La Liga before the start of every season. But at the same time, they are teams that should not only win but win with eye-catching and entertaining football. Sometimes this mission is impossible to be achieved without conceding some goals as you are prone to leave more spaces for the opponent’s attacks. The teams that have decent scoring records at home are likely to score against Barcelona and Real Madrid. Another decent practice is to follow teams with weak defences and lethal attacks. Unfortunately for all Catalonians’ fans, Barca is still considered a very demonstrative example. You have the chance to earn a lot of money by betting on either Barcelona or Real Madrid while playing away from home. The difference between the Spanish giants, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and the rest of the teams in La Liga is usually big enough to often see results like 0-3 at half-time. After such a lead, it is likely to see Barca or Real Madrid conceding at least a goal in the second half.


Get btts and win tips today

In order to get your btts and win paid tips for today, you should contact our tipster and follow the steps as it is described below:


  • Choose any of the approved payment methods – PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, MPesa;
  • If none of the approved payment methods is convenient for you, then get in contact with us for further information;
  • The steps for using each payment method are neatly described when clicking on the banner of the paid service you chose;
  • PayPal payments are automatically connected with a link with the respective price;
  • Delivery of our tips – your paid tips will be sent to the email you used in our contact form. If you want to use another email for receiving your paid tips, please, notify us in advance.


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FAQs about BTTS and Win Tips

What are BTTS and Win tips?

Btts and Win Tips is a type of bet that includes of two separate betting markets – btts and final result. You should have both conditions accomplished in order to have a winning bet.

Can BTTS and Win tips be profitable?

If they are used wisely – you should stick to your betting budget and proper betting strategy (flat stakes). BTTS and Win tips will bring you profit on long-term.

Can I use BTTS and Win tips for live betting?

Most of the bookmakers provide the option of live betting for BTTS and Win market. Pay attention that odds may change rapidly, so place your bets in a timely manner.

How much should I bet on BTTS and Win tips?

It is estimated that every single stake of yours should not exceed more than 5% of your overall betting budget. It is recommended to use flat bet strategy.

Should I include favorites in my BTTS and Win bets?

The team of allfootballpredictions strongly recommends not including any football games chosen solely on your behalf. Stick always to the choice of your tipsters.

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