Welcome to our betting tips archive page. Here, you can track our performance by month and year since Allfootballpredictions has been in existence, offering its services with the aim of helping you improve your betting results.

What is the purpose of football predictions archives

With the emerge of the betting market of football predictions customers need more transparent and solid proof for the services they purchase. The main purpose of football predictions archive is to reflect the actual tipsters’ performance of Allfootballpredictions. Thus, our team succeeds in attracting a sustainable customer base. Our archives consist results of our paid football predictions, divided into monthly and yearly sections. The football score predictions are presented in a special table with detailed information about the odds, tips, results, scores and the names of the two teams.

Why do you need to track the tipsters’ performance

Unfortunately, there are still lots of sites for football score predictions that do not list their tips into the official archives. This vicious practice is widespread in the betting world and derives the customers of qualitative service and attitude they deserve. It is essential to make sure that your tips are listed on time and reflect the real tipsters’ performance. Besides you can easily calculate the results after the end of your football predictions subscription and see whether the success rate responds to the description of the service.

How to check the transparency of Allfootballpredictions archives

You can easily check the transparency of Allfootballpredictions archives by clicking on the respective section in the site. Our team guarantees that your football predictions will be listed on time (a few hours after the full-time of the match). Usually, our team operates with many customers simultaneously. Fortunately, all of our services are engaged, so our archives reflect the tipsters’ performance. At a glance, you can check our odds, tips, scores, and results and compare them with the already received football predictions on your email.


You can also track our free football tips activities and check our performance.

Responsible Gambling

The team of AllFootballPredictions combines our love for the sport with a strong commitment to responsible betting. Our insightful analyses and predictions are fueled by a dedication to integrity. Among our recommendations and tips, one consistent message prevails: “Bet responsibly.”

While we thrive on the excitement of the game, we emphasize moderation, caring about our audience’s well-being beyond just predicting outcomes. Our goal? To ensure that the thrill of betting is enjoyed sensibly and responsibly.